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Term time courses for Children

Term time courses for Children

All courses run for 2 hours/ week over a 10 week period.

Complete Language Course for children aged 6-14 (Y1-Y9)

YCL runs a range of after school, Complete Language Courses which are suitable for different age groups and levels of English, from complete beginners to improvers classes. Students who enrol on a course are invited in, prior to the start of the course, for a free initial assessment. He or she is then placed in a class that best suits their needs.

The courses cover all elements of English Literacy: oracy, reading and writing skills. They are carefully designed in line with the Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) for Wales www.learning.gov.wales.com and incorporate tried and tested teaching strategies that have been shown to benefit all children, particularly ESL (English Second Language) children.

Lessons are relaxed, interactive and highly structured. All lessons incorporate five distinct but interlinked strands

Vocabulary / grammatical structure introduced
  • Game /activity
  • Shared reading activity
  • Shared writing activity
  • Homework activity to consolidate.

At YCL we understand the crucial importance of children feeling they can achieve tasks successfully. All children are encouraged and praised for their efforts whilst pushing them further to improve their skills.

Numeracy Courses for Children Aged 6 - 11 (Y1 - Y6)

YCL run a range of Numeracy courses suitable for different ages and levels of ability. Enrolled students are invited in for a free initial assessment and placed in a class that best suits their needs. YCL Maths focuses on understanding key elements of the NLF (Numeracy and Literacy Framework) for Wales. Emphasis is placed on understanding mathematical language and basic concepts through direct teaching, activities and games and finally independent consolidation.

Saturday Morning Homework Session For Children Aged 6-14 yrs old

These sessions help children with their English and Maths homework from their mainstream school. The sessions aim to develop a positive attitude to school work and foster a more careful approach to homework. Incentives are given for completion and neatness of work. Children are supported by fully qualified, experienced teachers with full knowledge of the school curriculum. The ratio of teacher to child is 1/5 in these sessions to ensure all pupils have attention. Whilst there is internet access to check information, the sessions are dedicated to traditional reading, writing and maths homework.

How much do they cost?

Price Per Term Price per Hour
Complete Language Courses for children aged 6-14
(2 hours/ week)
£300 £15
Numeracy Courses for Children aged 6-11
(2 hours/ week)
£300 £15
Saturday Homework Courses for children aged 6-14
(2 hours/ week)
£300 £15

10% discount, on second course, if your child enrols on 2 courses

Complete Language Course & Numeracy Course
(4 hour/ week)
£570 £14.25

20% discount, on third course, if your child enrols on all 3 courses

Complete Language Course, Numeracy Course & Saturday Homework Session (6 hours/ week) £810 £13.50