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GCSE English

GCSE English

For Years 10 & 11

GCSE Booster Courses in English Language and English Literature for Year 10 and 11

2 hours per week

These Courses are run by Specialist English Language teachers with many years experience in local secondary schools. They have additional qualifications in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

The GCSE Booster Courses support students in their preparations for the WJEC exams

Enrolled students are invited in prior to the start of the course for an initial consultation. Lessons are then designed with the specific needs of the pupil in mind and in accordance with the new 2015 GCSE specifications. Success strategies and exam techniques are included. Lessons are delivered either 1 to 1 or in small groups (maximum 4 students).

English Study Support for Years 10 and 11

1 hour per week

These sessions are complimentary to the GCSE Booster Course. They provide an opportunity for students to complete reading and writing activities under the supervision of an experienced, expert English teacher.

Students will receive guidance and individual feedback on their work with supplementary activities being set to practice areas of weakness. The small groups allow for a comfortable, relaxed and interactive session where students are encouraged to discuss English topics and develop confidence in their verbal communication skills.

How much are the GCSE Booster courses?

Price Per Term Price Per Hour
Group sessions for Y10 and Y11
(2 hours/ week)
£360 £18
1 to 1 Tuition
(2 hours/ week)
£400 £20

Over 10% discount if student enrols on both English Language and English Literature.

English Language and English Literature Group sessions
(4 hours/ week)
£684 £17.10
English Language and English Literature 1 to 1 sessions
(4 hours/ week)
£760 £19