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About YCL English

Cath Ratcliffe

Founder, YCL English

Hi, I'm Cath and I'm the Founder of YCL(You can learn) English. I have over 25 years teaching experience in mainstream primary, secondary and private overseas schools. I also worked as a Specialist English Language Teacher, delivering training, advising schools on supporting ESL (English Second Language) pupils and raising the achievement of ethnic minority pupils for over 16 years.

In 2014, based on my experience of teaching English and on my understanding of the particular needs of ESL pupils and parents, I established YCL English.

YCL English is a small, local, specialist tuition service providing high quality, supplementary education for children and adults.

YCL employs only highly qualified, experienced and CRB checked Teachers. We plan and deliver a range of English courses designed specifically to develop the literacy skills of children from the age of 6 to 16, Numeracy courses for ages 6 to 12 and also provide a range of services for adults who wish to improve their English.

All staff have Post Graduate Teaching Certificates together with Specialist Qualifications in Ethnic Minority Achievement, EAL (English as an Additional language), ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). All have many years' experience of working in mainstream schools.

Our Ethos

Aspiration Attitude Achievement

At YCL, our belief is that all students have the potential to improve. We aim to tap into that potential and to push individuals forward- whatever their current level of English. To do this YCL fosters the aspiration to improve and encourages the right attitude to allow this to happen. These two highly motivating influences, along with expert, small group tuition at YCL, aims to increase students' level of achievement.

At YCL we realise that for students to aspire to greater heights they need to be able to dream, to wish, to want to be better. We encourage and help them to identify, one small step at a time, what they need to improve and to show them how they can do it.

We instil a positive attitude to learning which involves promoting confidence in their own ability, having a healthy respect for teachers and adults and a 'can do' attitude to learning tasks.

Professional Endorsements

"I am delighted with the support provided by Cath Ratcliffe."

"Progress made by Cath's Pupils has been incredible."

"Cath insures that all pupils reach their potential and enables them to thrive in their learning."

Mrs Helen-Marie Davies, Head Teacher, Christ Church V.A Church in Wales Primary School. 2015

"Cath has a well-deserved reputation as a highly effective and motivating teacher."

Lauren Jackson, Previous Deputy Head of EMLA Service, Swansea.

"Respected by Headteachers and practitioners as someone who achieves the highest professional standards."

Lauren Jackson, Previous Deputy Head of EMLA Service, Swansea.

"Provides excellent support to pupils and parents with English as an additional language."

Estyn report 2013 on Cath's previous school.

"All pupils with English as an additional language attained the expected level 4 at the end of key stage 2 over the past three years."

Estyn report 2013 on Cath's previous school.

Aspiration Attitude Achievement